Our Aveda Colour Systems

Experience, Expert Knowledge & Incredible Colours from Aveda

Hair at 58 can create truly individual hair colour. Sam’s team of professional hair colourists will give you advice and inspiration based on their experience and expert knowledge. Aveda colours are like an artist’s palette, giving our team the tools to create rich, vibrant, customised colour to suit your needs. From vibrant reds and beautiful blondes to rich natural-looking brunettes, beautiful colour, unlimited creative possibility.

Aveda Deposit Natural Series delivers beautiful natural looking colours while Pure Pigments deliver true fashion colours or enhance any hair colour formula with a punch of colour.

Aveda Full Spectrum Permanent Hair Colour takes customisation to a new level, providing thorough grey coverage and offers truly personalised colour to match your individual needs and personality. Our fade-resistant formulas are up to 96% naturally derived and infuse hair with incredible condition and shine for essentially damage-free results.

Aveda Deep-Full Spectrum formula is up to 93% naturally derived and offers up to 5 levels of lift in a 30 minute process. Deep creates an ideal balance of lift and tone and delivers true-to-tone results on dark hair with unlimited shade and possibilities. Deep used plant power instead of petrochemicals for essentially damage free results. Deep contains sunflower, castor and jojoba oils that act as buffers and infuse hair with shine and condition.

Aveda colour is created with an environmental and social conscience that you can feel good about. Aveda does not test any of its colour or products on animals and is powered 100% by wind power.

Enrich your natural shade and infuse hair with incredible shine using Aveda’s 99% naturally derived deposit-only formula. Designed to fade gently on-tone in 6-8 weeks, this formulation is ideal for those who want to go darker or enhance their natural colour without the commitment.
Pure Pigments/Tones are the creative elements of the Aveda Full Spectrum and Deep hair colour system and were formulated to be mixed with the natural series.
Add depth to your hair’s natural colour, cover grey, or completely change your natural colour with our fully customisable permanent colour crème. Our 97% naturally derived formulas deliver damage free results with incredible shine and fade resistance for long lasting colour from service to service. Your new hair growth will need to be re-coloured every 4-6 weeks approximately so be sure to book in for your regular pampering.
Deep is a high-lift conditioning crème hair colour that was formulated to specifically address the needs of clients with dark hair. Full Spectrum Deep delivers up to 5 levels of lift in 30 minutes with the right balance of tonal deposit to achieve a range of shades from soft ash tones to rich reds. The conditioning formula contains 93% naturally derived* ingredients with a blend of protective plant oils and conditioners, and an organic lavender aroma. Full Spectrum Deep was created for customization with unlimited shade possibilities depending on your creativity.